Every once in awhile you meet people who touch your life in some way.  Well, the Downing family is just that for me.  I have gotten to be a part of so many things with them and I couldn’t be more grateful.  When Meagan’s mom, Robin, contacted me about doing a senior session for Meagan’s college graduation, my heart was truly touched.  I mean I am in Muleshoe and Meagan is in Waco.  She could have chosen anyone but having her ask for me makes my heart swell and the tears well up in my eyes.  Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones but I highly doubt it.  Getting to photograph Meagan’s high school senior session and now her Baylor senior session means so much to me.  I have even had the pleasure of working with both of her sisters.  <3  My life has definitely been blessed by the Downing family.

Last weekend while on the drive to Waco with Robin, I had such a lovely time.  It was relaxing and the adult conversation y’all!!!!  Man!  Mommas need that!  I was tired on the trip there but getting to sit back and enjoy the scenery kept my eyes open.  The Hill Country is just beautiful!  Robin took me to Magnolia Market and WOW.  My senses were overloaded.  Ha!  Loved it!  The line at the bakery was just too long of a wait for me but maybe next time.  I got to see several other shops but one of my faves was Junque in the Trunk.  I saw so much that I wanted and if it hadn’t been the holiday season we may have needed a trailer.  :)  The Baylor campus was simply stunning and getting some history from Meagan was so neat.  Meagan was a great host and I slept better than I have in so long.  I did miss my little family but that time away was very much needed even in this busy season.  Thank you, Robin and Meagan, for a spectacular time last weekend.  Enjoy this little sneak peek!


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I love everything about this session!  I had so much fun with Bethany and her mom, Nicole.  I actually grew up with Nicole and we even graduated high school together.  I am so honored that Nicole entrusted me to take Bethany’s senior photos.  How crazy that she’s a senior!  I remember seeing her when she was just a little girl and now look at the beautiful woman she has grown to be.  So beautiful!  Enjoy this little sneak peek!


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I seriously love photographing this family!  I always have so much fun and leave feeling happy because of all the laughing we did.  I have known Sam (the Daddy) for quite some time now.  We went to elementary, junior high and high school together and every time I see him with his little family I just love it.  Avery, Dani and Jackie are so precious and absolutely stunning and I kinda love the fact that Sam has all girls!  I mean….just look at the last photo.  I just cannot even get over how cute it is.  :)  Eren (the Mommy) is such a sweetheart and gorgeous, too!  I have really enjoyed getting to know her over the last several years and getting to capture The Bedell Family as they have grown has been an honor.  Enjoy this little sneak peek!


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This past Saturday I had the honor of photographing part 1 of Jacob’s senior session.  We have lived in Muleshoe for the past five years and I made my first trip to the Muleshoe High School football field with Jacob and his mom and I must say I was very impressed.  Such a nice facility!  After we finished up at the school, we headed out to some Jacob’s family’s farm land.  They have farms in various areas around Muleshoe and man they sure are busy this time of year.  I do have to say their cotton is some of the prettiest I have ever seen.  Deborah, Jacob’s mom, taught me quite a bit about what all they do and I send many prayers to them this time of year.  They are putting in lots of time getting their cotton harvested.  I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek of part 1 of our session!  Part 2 will happen in the spring before he heads on his way to Oklahoma State University.


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