Graphic Design Information

  • All custom orders have a $30 one time Creation Fee for the invitation, announcement or stationery.  If for any reason a new design is requested with a completely changed look overall, there will be an additional Creation Fee charged due to the additional time that will be required.  However, if a current design is chosen, there will not be a Creation Fee charged unless design changes are requested.


  • If a photo is desired on the invitation, a $7.50 one time photo fee will be applied for non-professional photos.  The photo quantity does not matter and will be applied to all photos supplied by client.  **If Whitney Owen Designs has taken the photos, there will not be a photo fee applied.**


  • Every invitation and announcement designed at Whitney Owen Designs is custom, therefore, each one has its own unique pricing.  Please contact Whitney Owen Designs with your invitation and announcement pricing.


  • All invitation, announcement and stationery prices quoted will include envelopes in the price unless otherwise noted.


  • Whitney Owen Designs charges $.15 per invitation and announcement orders for Digital or Offset Printing.  This does not mean that invitations are $.15 each.  **Digital or Offset Printing is flat to the touch and the most common type of printing that Whitney Owen Designs uses.**


  • Thermography (raised ink) and Letterpress Printing (pressed into paper) and Foil Stamping (metallic foil) are also available.  They are all wonderful printing techniques but they can limit the design possibilities especially if design has more than 4 colors.  A quote will be provided after the design is discussed with the printing company.  Waiting on a print quote can sometimes take a little time so please advise.


  • Whitney Owen Designs requires ½ deposit of the total at the time the order is placed.  The remaining balance will be due at the time of delivery with no exceptions.


  • Rush orders will incur a $35 rush fee plus any express shipping charges that may occur.


  • Shipping and handling will apply where applicable.


  • Texas State Sales Tax of 8.25% will be applied to each Texas order.  Wholesale orders do not apply.
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